Lumia 650

Microsoft Lumia 650 Mobile Cases

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  1. Nybro Glass Protector

    Nybro Glass Protector

    199 SEK
    It’s your phone’s first line of defence, don’t go soft on it. Made of tempered glass with an extreme hardness close to Diamond it will resist scratches and make your screen shock proof. Named after a small town located in the heart of the Kingdom of Crystal, Nybro GlassProtector takes screen protection to the next level.
  2. Vargön WalletCase 3XL

    Vargön WalletCase 3XL

    249 SEK
    With strong influences from the wild pinewoods and shorelines of the island Vargön this roomy WalletCase will keep you organized in sophisticated fashion. A rich and luxe take on all of your everyday essentials.
  3. Orsa FolioCase Universal 4XL

    Orsa FolioCase Universal 4XL

    299 SEK
    With elegant rounded edges this case embraces one of your most precious belongings. Smooth and clean design makes it fit perfect in your pocket as well as in your hand.

3 Item(s)