Galaxy S8+

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Mobile Cases

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  1. Sunne 5 Card FolioCase

    Sunne 5 Card FolioCase

    399 SEK
    Dreaming about a splendid future and admiring the vintage look of the past? This genuine leather case lets you bring 5 cards along with your phone and still being a fashionable star.
  2. Malmö 4 Card FolioCase

    Malmö 4 Card FolioCase

    299 SEK
    Beautifully crafted in a textured material with a slim look of an urban protection for your device. The embedded, private pocket behind the phone makes it a real unique and slim 4 Card FolioCase. Malmö is a classic option for work or weekend.
  3. Ekerö FolioWallet 2in1

    Ekerö FolioWallet 2in1

    349 SEK
    Prefer a wallet or a cover? Well, how about getting both! These beauties go perfect together as well as apart. The smart connecting function will keep your device securely attached to the wallet while still being easy to remove. Influenced by the contrasts between the serene nature and the modern city, the Ekerö Collection will suit your everyday outfit. Classic colours combined with a vintage look, all in a slim and minimalistic design.
  4. Icon 3 Card FolioCase

    Icon 3 Card FolioCase

    199 SEK
    This FolioCase never lets go of your precious phone. Bring cards, notes and cash along with your phone, all in one, in a handy way.
  5. Kivik Cover

    Kivik Cover

    249 SEK
    Kivik, clear as water. A premium quality hybrid cover with soft TPU sides and hard scratch resistant PC back. A perfect protection that lets your phone fully shine.
  6. Bellö Cover

    Bellö Cover

    249 SEK
    With a precise fitting this cover feels incredibly neat and enhances the design of your phone. On the outside it gives you a perfect chance to let your own colours shine.
  7. Bohus Cover

    Bohus Cover

    179 SEK
    Almost unnoticeable this cover sweeps over your phone to create a soft touch surface. Once you tried it – you won´t let it go!
  8. Bovik Cover

    Bovik Cover

    199 SEK
    Clear as water, the Bovik Cover protects your phone almost invisibly. With a good grip, made of 100% TPU it is a smooth protection that lets your phone fully shine.
  9. Hector Case 5XL

    Hector Case 5XL

    279 SEK
    The “fanny pack” is back! We kept the practicality but added a sleek fashionable look.
  10. Hector Plus Case 5XL

    Hector Plus Case 5XL

    329 SEK
    Let us introduce the bigger brother of one of Krusell´s most classic cases - Hector Plus Case. A neat wallet with space for cards and money fits perfectly in the discreete pocket on the inside. Why choose between being functional and stylish when you can have both?

Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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